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Our Assembly
  • Electrical Assembly
  • Mechanism Module
  • Precision Adjustment
  • Complete Machine Assembly
  • Verify Stability
The assembly of the electrical part of the machine includes the power and control circuit of the whole machine
Modular assembly of host and IO architecture of automatic burning test equipment
The accuracy of moving parts shall be adjusted to ensure compliance with the action tolerance range
Assemble the electrical and mechanism of the whole machine according to the drawing requirements, and complete the assembly of the whole machine
The simulated action of the equipment is tested in parallel with the actual burning to ensure the stable operation of the equipment
Product Parameters

The traditional XYZ three-axis operation mode is adopted, which is stable and efficient

Multi online to realize the integration of burning test and packaging

Realize rapid line change and modular operation for the product line

Expandable Online

Perfect solution to integrated operation

Single machine components with unified specifications and models have simple requirements for products and instruments, and the configuration of test stations is faster and more effective, so as to solve the bottleneck problem

Core Advantages

1. Chip Support

Cooperate with Taiwan and local advantageous core manufacturers, support more than 100000 IC types, lead the industry, and support UFS, EMMC, MCU, flash and other products.

2. Machine stability

The machine is self-developed and designed, complete assembly test and product management process

3. Recording Speed

The equipment testing and burning speed is ahead of the industry. Under the same product, the burning test speed is 30% ~ 300% higher.

4. After-sale Service

We have a doctoral and master's expert team, more than 10 service bases and more than 1000 customer groups.

5. Optical Positioning

It has an independent optical research and development team, and independently develops relevant alignment and algorithm technology. The whole series of products are equipped with CCD optical positioning system, so that the production has the best efficiency.

6. Extended Compatibility

The machine has many optional functions, and can be equipped with laser or inkjet printing device; The core can be replaced to upgrade the product and improve the performance. The best registration and configuration can be made according to the requirements and classification of different clients

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