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Which is a good RF module test equipment?
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        What is RF module testing? What is the difference between an automatic burning machine and an ordinary burning machine? Automatic burning machine is a mass-produced chip program burning production equipment. What are the specific advantages and functions? Qunwao Electronic Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of all kinds of IC chips, Bluetooth modules, 5g modules, RF modules, TWS modules, Wi Fi modules and IOT product testing. The products are mainly used in the supply and marketing of IC, integrated circuits, consumer codes, wearable electronic products, wireless communications, mobile phone manufacturers and EMS OEM It is a service provider that can integrate integrated circuit testing and burning one-stop solutions, overall solutions for wireless communication, solutions for wireless RF audio testing technology, and overall solutions for integrated circuit aging testing. And set up technical support centers in South China, East China, southwest and North China to strengthen localized service support, so as to achieve the company's service concept of high quality, high standard and high efficiency. Our company has launched the first complete set of independent brand test scheme and equipment in China, GT series products and GTX series products. More than 90% of the main parts and external equipment of the product have obtained design patents. Relying on the leading design concept and advanced processing and inspection equipment, and under the guidance of the awareness of quality priority, it provides guarantee for the production of high-quality products. Based on the idea of science and technology leading the future and innovating to change the world, with the purpose of sincerity, morality, faith, excellence and honesty, the company continues to forge ahead, surpass and wholeheartedly seek common development and create brilliance for colleagues at home and abroad and new and old customers.

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